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Voronezhenergo held a Fire Safety Day


Last week a Fire Safety Day was held at the sites of all production units and in Distribution Zones of IDGC of Centre - Voronezhenergo division. More than 1,700 employees participated in it.

"Fire Safety Day is part of preventive measures that specialists of the branch implement in preparation for the summer fire season in 2014," said the head of the production control and safety Natalia Stolpovskikh. "They aim to improve the fire safety of facilities of the branch, as well as staff training to ensure fire safety in production activities."

The Fire Safety Day program included a number of activities of theoretical and practical nature.

Specially appointed commissions, which included managers and specialists of Voronezhenergo’s structural units, inspected the state of fire safety of facilities of the branch, the implementation of existing guiding documents, availability of warning labels, signs and posters on Fire Safety in the appropriate places. In addition, during the theoretical lessons the commissions selectively examined staff knowledge of the Fire Safety Rules in the Russian Federation.

An important part of the Fire Safety Day was practical fire extinguishing skills training of conventional fire ignitions that occurred at industrial premises, package transformer substations, as well as evacuation of people in case of fire.

Following the results of the Fire Safety Day a set of organizational and technical measures was drawn up with responsible persons and deadlines aimed at improving the state of fire safety.

It should be added that the level of Fire Safety in Voronezhenergo is one of the highest among all 11 branches of IDGC of Centre. This is confirmed by the results of the ongoing among structural divisions annual review of the best fighting condition where the Voronezh branch on the results of 2013 took the second place.

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