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Yarenergo is ready to ensure the reliability of electricity supply in the fire-dangerous period


With the onset of warmer days there is a risk damaging the electrical mains with fire. Forest and peat fires, caused by natural or human factors, may result an interruption of reliable electricity supply. To maintain the normal power supply circuit, ensure uninterrupted supply of energy resources to consumers in the Yaroslavl region during the high temperature period IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division has taken a number of preventive measures.

The power engineers strengthened control over the work of power facilities, the current load in the grid. Specialists constantly monitor the serviceability of cooling systems of transformers and oil-filled equipment, compliance with fire safety regulations at power facilities and near them. Work on clearing and widening of ROWs, which is performed in the region, will allow to prevent touching wires of power lines with undergrowth. Special inspections of power lines at sections subject to fire risk will help reduce the risks of emergencies, in a timely manner to respond to emergency situations. Plowing premises around transformer substations will form a protective barrier from surface fires. Particular attention in this period is paid to interaction with farmers and land users whose territory power lines pass. Together with them the power engineers remove processed forest products, haystacks, lubricants and flammable materials from exclusion zones of power lines.

Yarenergo is very active in the prevention of staff injury cases in the hot season, ensuring normal working conditions of the staff of the branch when the ambient temperature rises.

"Preparing for the fire-dangerous season includes a range of activities and is very important to ensure reliable power supply during periods of high temperatures. This process involves not only Yarenergo’s services. In the region there were joint exercises and drills organized to test the interaction and coherence in dealing with emergencies in a fire hazardous period involving the Regional Government and local branches of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, administrations of municipalities and utilities," specifies Deputy Director for Technical Issues ― Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division Vladimir Grigoriev.

In connection with the approaching hot days Yaroslavl power engineers remind of the ban to start a fire within the exclusion zones of power lines, substations and other power facilities, perform work with percussion-type firing mechanisms, and drain corrosive agents and lubricants. Forest fires not only destroy trees, shrubs and converted wood, reduce protective, water protective and other useful properties of the forest, destroy fauna, structures, and in some cases settlements, but also pose a threat to power lines passing in the forest zone, result a major power failure, the consequences of which may threaten the health and lives of people.

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