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Yarenergo and Education Department of the Yaroslavl region determined winners of the contest "Safe Electricity"


In the Yaroslavl region there was a creative contest for prevention of children’s electric injuries "Safe Electricity". The contest was organized by IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division and the Education Department of the Yaroslavl region.

The event was held for the purpose of creating the children’s culture of safe handling of electrical appliances and responsible behaviour near power facilities. About 300 participants from schools, orphanages, special (correctional) institutions, as well as additional education centres of the Yaroslavl region presented their works to the jury. The young people wrote themed poems and fairy tales, instructive drawing comics and made colourful illustrations and posters explaining what to do not to be affected by the electric current. Young filmmakers made video tutorials, and young designers erected electrical safe homes and were engaged in innovation. As the members of the jury noted, they were struck by the diversity of the materials with which the children worked in the creation of models, handicrafts, paintings and panels. This was painting on wood, work with fabric and leather and the use of non-traditional techniques of clay modelling – the so-called "boiled plasticine", the young people also surprised with their exquisite art of beadwork.

Winners were selected based on different age groups: 7 — 10 years, 11 — 14 years, 15 — 18 years, in four categories: art- visual, verbal, arts and crafts, and computer art. The jury assessed the originality of design, craftsmanship and innovation, but the main criterion for evaluation was opening the theme and basic understanding of electricity handling.

This year teachers were also invited for the contest. Organizers suggested them to develop and deliver lessons on electrical safety. The jury welcomed imagination of the teachers and the use of visual expression elements.

Winners (1st place) and prize winners (2nd and 3rd places) of the contest in each category and in each age category will be awarded with certificates signed by Director of the Education Department of the Yaroslavl region, Acting Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division director, and memorable prizes. Teachers who prepared the winners of the competition will be awarded. The jury also decided to establish special and incentive capture prizes.

"Prevention of children’s electric injuries is the work of the whole society. I am very pleased that together with the Education Department we can implement such a project in the region, as the contest "Safe Electricity". I am very happy that children and teachers have always considerable interest in it. For us it is the most important thing," underlined Acting Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division director Konstantin Kotikov.

Organizers will inform further about the awarding ceremony.

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