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Bryanskenergo summarized the work of environmental safety in 2013


Bryanskenergo summed up the performance in 2013 of the "Program for the implementation of the environmental policy". The environmental policy is aimed at strengthening environmental management in the operation of power facilities and increasing the level of environmental safety.

Last year Bryanskenergo for this purpose allocated 1.942 million rubles. The largest volume of funds, 817 thousand rubles, was aimed at measures to reduce negative impacts on the environment. These include the protection and rational use of water resources and the transfer of waste. 109.4 thousand rubles went to implement environmental control over levels of hazardous substances on sites of the branch.

Within the framework of reconstruction of facilities and replacement of obsolete equipment specialists of Bryanskenergo decommissioned and transferred to the disposal 24 tons of equipment containing highly toxic trichlorodiphenyl. About 375 tons of hazardous waste were given for recycling, processing and disposal. To prevent any possible negative impact on the soil, the branch purchased and installed in the territories of the structural subdivisions containers for waste collection.

One of the priorities of the branch of Bryanskenergo in the implementation of the environmental policy is training staff on environmental compliance. In the past year 34 specialists of the company had their training on the program "Vocational training of persons for the right to deal with hazardous waste".

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