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Yarenergo uses new equipment


Power engineers of the Yaroslavl branch of IDGC of Centre are implementing energy-efficient equipment and technologies that improve reliability of electricity supply in the region.

Among the recent "pilot projects" of Yarenergo – installation of a sealed oil transformer with reduced losses TMG12 400 kVA in Bolsheselsky distirct of the Yaroslavl region. No-load losses of this transformer are reduced by 30%, which significantly increases the efficiency of the equipment. The transformer neutral, calculated at full rated current, increases its operational reliability under asymmetric loads.

Another novelty is used in Rybinsky Distribution Zone. On two taps of a 10 kV line from the substation Left Bank fault locators IMZ-013 were installed that allow to accurately determine the location of fault. Restoration work starts with finding the fault: power engineers perform a visual inspection of an overhead line along its entire length. Installing indicators even on a part of taps greatly accelerates this process, since indications make it clear exactly what taps do not require inspections for sure. This is especially important for facilities in difficult terrain – forests and swamps.

Modernization of the electric grid complex is part of the long-term development of Yarenergo. The most effective samples of the new equipment will be implemented throughout the branch’s service area.

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