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A project of the Youth Council of Belgorodenergo to develop corporate volunteer movement awarded a grant


A social project of Chairman of the Youth Council of IDGC of Centre – Belgorodenergo division Roman Filimonenko awarded a grant by the results of the regional competition of youth projects in the nomination "Volunteering".

The competition is organized by the Office of Youth Policy of the Belgorod region at the municipal and regional levels. One hundred and fifty participants presented their projects in ten categories: "Innovation", "Business", "Media", "Leadership", "Student Government", "Volunteering", "Creativity", "Public administration, utilities and politics", "Health" and "Patriotism". Thirteen people received grants.

The project of Roman Filimonenko "Uniting the strongest!" aims to develop corporate volunteering in Belgorod. It is based on the experience of implementing a number of charitable events and activities for example of IDGC of Centre – Belgorodenergo division.

The author believes that volunteering should be part of internal corporate work of any enterprise and contribute to the solution in the regional centre of urgent social problems. The young people plan to achieve goals being supported by the city authorities and their colleagues from other major companies. At the first stage surveys will be conducted and a comprehensive program of corporate volunteering will be prepared. After that the young people will be engaged together in life incarnation of charity and social events.

Consistent implementation of all planned activities, according to the author of the project, will make it possible for the next year to increase the number of corporate volunteers by 17% and benefit the city.

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