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Tverenergo sums up the year in the environmental policy implementation


IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division summed up the work on the implementation of environmental programs in 2013. For 12 months more than 2.89 million rubles were spent on measures of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources.

In 2013, oil circuit breakers were replaced with vacuum at a number of substations - "White", "Topalki", "Akhmatovo", "DVP", "Copper", "Power Engineer", "#27", "Back Field", "Sulezhsky Borok", "Budovo", "#7", "Pushkino", "TEZ". Oil circuit breakers were replaced with gas-insulated at the substations "Brusovo", "Kimry" and some others. Also during the year power engineers repaired oil receivers of transformer at such substations as "OEZ", "Dyatlovo", "Kuzhenkino", "Goritsy", "Savatyevo", "Construction Industry", "Holy", "Kashin".

The branch constantly monitors compliance with the maximum permissible concentrations of pollutants in discharges to surface water and domestic sewage, chemical and physical air pollution on the border of the nearest residential houses.

In 2013 Tverenergo allocated over 660.8 thousand rubles for the protection and rational use of water resources, more 667 thousand rubles for the transfer of waste. Tverenergo regularly transfers production and consumption waste to licensed companies for their subsequent processing, recycling or disposal. To prevent any possible negative impact on the soil containers for waste accumulation were purchased and installed in the territories of structural subdivisions.

As part of inspection and maintenance of motor vehicles the branch’s specialists pay special attention to reduction of the toxicity of exhaust emissions from vehicles and adjustment of the fuel system. It is forbidden to drive faulty vehicles or with unadjusted engines and substandard fuel.

"The purpose of the environmental program of the branch is to reduce negative impact and pollution prevention," emphasizes Deputy Director for Technical Issues – Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre - Tverenergo division Alexey Galkin. "Specialists do systematic work to improve the regulatory framework, the control system for the protection of the environment and management of natural resources. Much attention is paid to the modernization of power facilities. This policy contributes to the operational reliability of power facilities and reduces the negative impact on the environment by the branch."

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