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Bryanskenergo increases the volume of proceeds from sale of value-added services


IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division summed up the sale of value-added services in 2013. During the reporting period the company registered 8,385 applications for the provision of value-added services. The number of contracts executed was 7,440, the volume of the proceeds from sale of VAS - 39.3 million rubles, which is 41% higher than the previous year. The most popular value-added service in the past year, as before, was the installation and replacement of electricity meters. For this type of work the company registered 7,182 applications, 6,720 contracts were performed worth 9.3 million rubles - 8.6% more than the year before. The service to repair and maintain electrical equipment and networks takes the second place. Over the past year Bryanskenergo concluded 246 such contracts.

In 2014, the company plans to increase the amount of revenues from VAS. This, in particular, will result from a developed system of discounts, which, as Bryanskenergo hopes, will give the branch important competitive advantages and help stimulate demand. As a result, income from sale of services "Installation and replacement of metering devices", according to the plans, should be about 8% higher than the company’s corresponding figures in 2013.

Currently Bryanskenergo, like other branches of IDGC of Centre, offers customers ten kinds of value-added services. Among them - the maintenance and development of outdoor lighting networks; operational and technological maintenance and repair of electrical networks and electrical equipment; reconstruction of power grid facilities in the interests of customers; testing and diagnostics of equipment; installation and replacement of metering devices; energy audits and energy services; design and construction of energy facilities, performance of work within the competence of the customer at grid connection and others.

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