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Yarenergo increases production safety culture


IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division held its Safety Day. Such days are held in all branches of the company with a frequency of 1 time per month. The main objective of these activities is detection of violations and deviations from the requirements of existing rules, regulations, and guidelines for the prevention of accidents at work, improving occupational safety and increasing the production safety culture.

On the Safety Day theoretical classes of employees, condition of work places, staffing of crews with protective equipment and tools, the procedure for their storage and transportation, provision of personnel with working clothes and footwear are compulsorily checked.

Besides compulsorily in all Distribution Zones of the branch there are trainings. On computer simulators and at training centres of the enterprise skills of safe work at power facilities are practiced. The practical part in each Distribution Zone is developed individually.

For example, during the past Safety Day the staff of Borisoglebsky and Bolsheselsky Distribution Zones practiced to raise the skills to climb a pole and install a clamp on the wire of a 0.4-10 kV overhead line, and installation of temporary grounding. Such action is necessary in the case of release of a man working at the height of the electric current. The human life depends on how quickly and smoothly a crew acts. A clamp is a special device that allows to pull wires together and create a short circuit. When you release the victim every second counts: while one electrician installs a clamp, the other is preparing to climb the pole and release the victim. Among the learning actions of the staff there were also visual inspection and testing of climbers, manholes and harnesses before climbing the pole. They also worked out safety features while taking readings from three-phase metering devices of legal persons with direct connection transformers.

"Any power installation has a threat to life and health of an employee. The staff, involved in the operation of electrical devices, must be focused and neat, responsible and knowledgeable. Energy is the industry that does not forgive mistakes and ignorance," stressed Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division Vladimir Grigoriev.

High level of safety culture is the key to successful production. According to results of the event in case of violations additional training of staff is always conducted on the same day.

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