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Tambovenergo organized a regional contest devoted to prevention of electrical injuries


The Tambov region summarized the first regional competition "Good light for children" held in October-November 2013, which focused on prevention of electrical injuries among teenagers. It was organized by IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division with the support of the Department of Education and Science of the Tambov region, and its participants were school-age children. The theme of the contest was not chosen by chance: in anticipation of the winter holidays the power engineers and representatives of the regional authorities found it necessary to remind the children of the rules of safe handling of electrical appliances, and at the same time to test their knowledge in this field.

In order to ensure equal conditions of competition the contestants were divided into two age groups: from 7 to 10 years and from 11 to 15 years. In this case, there were no creative limitations put to them. In total, the call of the organizers was responded by more than 400 people, from first-graders (the youngest participant recently turned 7 years old) – to teenagers, who for years have been engaged in art schools and art studios. They submitted to a competent jury original compositions, poems, posters and drawings. As the organizers of the competition noted all the young people had demonstrated a high level of knowledge about electricity, power industry and power engineers, and showed remarkable imagination, describing what the industry would be in the future. It was not easy to determine the winners for the jury, so it was decided, in addition to the two main categories to establish some incentives.

A solemn ceremony of summing up the contest was held in the Regional Development Centre for children and youth, where the winners came from different cities and regions of the Tambov region, accompanied by parents. The first place in the category "Children's drawings and posters" in the age group of grade 1-4 was taken by Polina Levina (Sosnovskaya school № 1, village of Chekmary). In the older age group schoolchildren of secondary school number №24 from Tambov Olesya Matyasova and Veronica Kusova were recognized as winners. In the category "Children's poem" works of Elizabeth Pudovkina (gymnasium № 7 of Tambov) and Sophia Zolotova (gymnasium of Morshansk) in the younger and older age groups, respectively, were recognized the best. All the winners were awarded prizes and certificates.

The winners also received incentive awards. The nomination "The youngest participant" marked Vladislav Dolgov (Egorovsky branch of Pichaevskaya secondary school) and Anastasia Plakhotnikova (gymnasium № 12 of Tambov). In the nomination "For the creative idea" the winner was David Avakyan (gymnasium № 7 of Tambov) and Inna Kuznetsova (Kotovsk, secondary school № 3). For better preparation of the schoolchildren for the competition in the category "Teaching skills" awards were given to Nadezhda Merkuryeva (Tambov, secondary school № 30, Studio "Palette") and Elena Redina (Tambov, gymnasium № 7) according to a collegial decision of the jury.

"Working to prevent electrical injuries is one of the priorities of Tambovenergo as a socially oriented company. Education of children and adolescents of rules of handling electricity, formation of interest in the power industry is one of the objectives of social partnership of power engineers and public institutions interested in providing a safe life of the younger generation," noted the Head of the Human Resources of IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division Olga Vyazovova.

For reference. The contest "Good light for children" was organized within the target Program on prevention of electrical injuries to third parties, which is implemented in all subsidiaries of JSC "Russian Grids". It is part of a large information campaign, which is also actively implemented by staff of IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division. The power engineers conduct regular themed lessons in schools and summer camps, organize training seminars on prevention of electrical injuries for teachers and principals, place in media publications and distribute among teachers and teenagers brochures, posters and manuals devoted to the subject.

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