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Tverenergo awarded the best power engineers


On the eve of the professional holiday at a solemn ceremony on the occasion of the Power Engineers’ Day Governor of the Tver region presented awards to the best workers of the Tver branch of IDGC of Centre. A total of more than 90 employees of the branch were awarded.

For significant personal contribution to the development of the power system in the region Governor of the Tver region presented Letters of Gratitude to 5 workers of Tverenergo, three workers were encouraged with Letters of Gratitude of the administration of Tver, Certificates of Merit and Letters of Gratitude of the city of Tver was given to two employees of the branch, three power engineers of the company were awarded Letters of Gratitude of the Legislative Assembly of the Tver region, two employees received Acknowledgements of the Ministry of Energy and Utilities of the Tver region.

The honorary title «Veteran of the power grid» was awarded to Operator of Operations and Technology Group of Udomelsky Distribution Zone Victor Pevtsov, Leading Engineer of Relay Protection and Automation of Tver production base Vadim Grishentsov, and Foreman of a crew operating distribution networks #1 of Staritsky Distribution Zone Mikhail Smirnov. Chief of Kesovogorsky Distribution Zone Vasily Borisov was awarded the title «Honorary Power Engineer».

Six employees of Tverenergo were given Letters of Gratitude of the Ministry of Energy. One was awarded Letter of Gratitude of the power industry employers. Five employees of Tverenergo were awarded Certificates of Merit and Letters of Gratitude of «Russian Grids».

For fruitful work in the electricity industry IDGC of Centre’s Certificates of Merit were given to 4 employees of the branch, and 9 people were distinguished with Letters of Gratitude.

For exemplary execution of duties Electrician of Kalininsky Distribution Zone Alexey Timofeev was put to the Board of Honour of IDGC of Centre, the honorary title «Veteran of IDGC of Centre» was given to Foreman of a crew operating transformer and distribution substations of Kalininsky Distribution Zone Sergey Tsvetkov.

On the day of the professional holiday, IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division handed awards to power engineers: 9 Certificates of Merit and 24 Letters of Gratitude. 21 people were put to the Board of Honour of the branch.

Governor of the Tver region Andrey Shevelev in his welcoming speech thanked the power engineers for their hard daily work and rapid response to emergency situations: " The energy complex is crucial for the dynamic development of the territory. Every kilowatt generated and delivered to the consumer is your contribution to the achievement of industrial enterprises of the real sector, the success of the agricultural sector and public utilities. Without light and heat it is impossible to imagine modern civilization, and they are in your hands. It is difficult to overestimate the measure of responsibility imposed on you. And the beginning of the winter proved it. I thank IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division for the actions to confront the snowfall and restore electricity supply in the region. It is your hard work, discipline and experience that lay the foundation for the success of the industry, and the energy security of the region.«

Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division director Andrey Polyakov thanked the team of power engineers for the daily hard work, full of actions and intense: «The power engineering profession is very highly demanded. It is impossible to overestimate the contribution of each employee of Tverenergo to the common cause, which is important and socially significant. Highly skilled professionals work at Tverenergo, who, despite all the difficulties, provide stable and reliable energy supply of the population and enterprises of the Tver region. The year of 2013 for IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division was full f achievements — all the plans were executed, much remains to be realized. We are responsible for our consumers wherever they live — in a town or in a remote village.»

On the eve the branch’s power engineers honoured veterans of the Tver grid. The company appreciates the merits of the former employees of the energy industry, who all their strength, knowledge, experience gave to its benefit.

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