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Heads of municipalities are grateful for the work of IDGC of Centre’s power engineers


Heads of districts of the Yaroslavl region expressed their gratitude to IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division for the restoration of power supply, disturbed as a result of a snow cyclone at the beginning of the winter.

Acting Director of the branch Konstantin Kotikov received letters of thanks, certificates of merits and petitions on awarding employees from all districts of the region.

The heads of municipalities note perseverance and professionalism with which Yarenergo’s crews worked on elimination of process violations. Damage to energy facilities was the most significant for many years. In the ongoing snowfall the power engineers shoveled snow piles, trimmed fallen trees on power lines, and connected broken wires. According to the district administrations, this work deserves high appreciation.

The immediate connection of de-energized vital installations to backup power sources was noted on its own.

«Thanks to the close cooperation between Distribution Zones and the district administration, competent and timely organization of work the functioning of social facilities was restored in the shortest time,» said one of the letters of appreciation.

Please, be reminded that in late November — early December some snow cyclones passed in the Yaroslavl region, accompanied by gusty winds and temperature fluctuations. Under the weight of snow branches crossed with wires, multiple cases of broken power lines were reported as a result of falling trees. The restoration of disturbed by the weather power supply involved all operational and supervisory staff of Yarenergo. More than 500 employees were working at the facilities. Other energy companies came also to assist including from the structure of «Russian Grids»: Vladimirenergo, Tambovenergo, Vologdaenergo. Cooperation with the district administrations, forest services, community services and EMERCOM was set up. The work was coordinated through the headquarters for reliable power supply at the Government of the region.

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