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Yarenergo – a participant the Fourth Yaroslavl Energy Forum


IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division took part in the Fourth Yaroslavl Energy Forum «To the modern structure of the economy — a modern innovative energy infrastructure».

The Forum program included scientific and practical conferences and round tables, which were attended by government authorities, representatives of public organizations, business, scientific and professional associations. In total there were more than 2000 participants from 30 regions of Russia.

At the forum there was a plenary session, during which participants identified the most promising areas of the industry and shared their experience to address key issues related to the implementation of energy efficient technologies. One of the topics of the discussion was the possibility of innovative grid development in the conditions of the suspension of the growth in electricity tariffs. Deputy Governor of the Yaroslavl Region Natalia Shaposhnikova and Acting Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division director Konstantin Kotikov talked on the need to continue the modernization in these conditions.

The head of the Yaroslavl branch of the company listed the main sources of non-tariff funding that can be directed towards innovation. They are energy service contracts, subsidies from the regional and federal budgets, the development of additional services, leasing and other activities. «We can give specific examples. For example, when networks are leased from the municipalities to use the rent as a source of investment in coordination with the authorities. Obtaining additional sources are certainly more time-consuming. But I see this as yet an uninvestigated area with huge reserves. And now the co-operation of the grid company and the government in this regard is very important,» made more precise Konstantin Kotikov.

In addition, as part of the Yaroslavl Energy Forum there was an exhibition «Energy Efficiency — the regional aspect», where IDGC of Centre’s power engineers presented their outstanding achievements in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency.

«This year, our booth presents a remote control system, responsible for the automated collection of data from substations and allowing in real time to monitor the status of equipment. Also, we show the work of smart metering AMI allowing to receive information and put it together into a single data block, both from our facilities, and power installations of each consumer,» said the head of energy conservation and energy efficiency Office of Yarenergo Dmitry Smolyakov.

Visitors could get acquainted with the innovative project of IDGC of Centre — «Virtual Energy Efficiency Centre», with which they can calculate the energy consumption and interactively examine the feasibility of using a particular method to reduce them. In addition to the work of the main scientific and industrial sections at the forum there were reports of our young employees of energy companies. In their reports, they tried to reflect the possibility of applying innovative developments in the field of energy and to offer «viable» ideas of large-scale implementation of energy saving technologies.

The forum was covered by a large number of journalists from regional and national media. Especially for them, Yarenergo organized a tour to the 110/10-10 kV substation «Novoselki». This is a new feeding centre that was commissioned in the summer of this year. It will supply electricity to enterprises of the industrial park, as well as remove some of the load to service the Frunze district from the substation «Chaika».

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