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Belgorodenergo connects new sports centres to its grid


In 2013 IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division has connected to its grid several major sports facilities, located in eight districts of the Belgorod region: three stadiums, four new swimming pools and sports and recreation complex. All the facilities were constructed in the framework of a new town-planning strategy that includes the creation of a regional environment, comfortable to live in, based on the availability of the necessary infrastructure.

September 28th to the 300th anniversary of the town of Shebekino the reconstructed stadium «Chemist» was opened — for power engineers it is a categorical facility that was necessary to provide reliable power supply for the residents of the town — a sporting two-storey building, roofed grandstands for up to 500 people and a modern football field with a track for athletics, courts for basketball, volleyball, tennis and other sports. To supply power to the new stadium a modular 6/0.4 kV two-transformer substation and over 600 m of a 6 kV cable line were constructed.

Another stadium was opened in the village of Red. To supply the new sports facility with electricity the power engineers reconstructed equipment of an indoor transformer substation, constructed 250 metres of an overhead line and 180 metres of a cable of 0.4 kV.

A real spa-centre with a swimming pool with capacity of 400 cubic metres of water appeared in the village of Rovenki. The pool was built within the presidential program «Development of physical culture and sport». The new water complex also includes a sauna, gym and relaxation area. To supply power to the new complex the staff of Rovensky Distribution Zone installed a package transformer substation and laid two cables and two conductors.

It is planned that by the end of the year pools are also to open in Belgorodsky (village of Streletskoye) and Yakovlevsky districts (town of Stroitel) and Novooskolsky district. At the same an integrated approach is applied everywhere to the construction of this level involving the availability of a fitness centre, and in some places, such as in Stroitel, a stadium as well. For the connection of facilities to the grid the power engineers installed a total of 4 package transformer substations, and constructed around 4 kilometres of overhead power lines.

The next largest sports facility was a fitness centre opened this summer in Chernyanka, designed for various sports: mini — football, volleyball, basketball, tennis and table tennis. For spectators in the fitness centre a mobile platform was built, for wheelchair users specialized facilities for training on fitness machines are provided. Along with a field for soccer, swimming pool and complex for boxing and wrestling the fitness centre became a part of the sports park of the settlement. Electric power of the facility is 45 kW. Chernyansky power engineers constructed two cables and conductors, ensuring reliable power supply of the facility of the second category.

In total, the region has more than 5,360 sports facilities. For the provision of the population with sports infrastructure the Belgorod region last year was ranked first in the country. Each year this list is updated with new sports centres. The main task of Belgorodenergo, with which the company successfully copes, is in a timely manner to ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply to all the sports facilities through the provision of capacity and construction of necessary electric grid infrastructure.

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