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Yarenergo has received its certificate of readiness for the winter


In the Yaroslavl region the commission that evaluates the degree of preparation of the electric grid complex for the winter has completed its work. According to the general conclusion of the controlling bodies IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division is ready to operate through seasonal peak loads.

The final document — a certificate of readiness for the autumn- winter operation period — was presented to Acting Director of Yarenergo division Konstantine Kotikov by Deputy Chief Engineer for management of electric grid facilities of IDGC of Centre Evgeny Turapin. As Chairman of the commission, he said that the Yaroslavl power engineers had performed large technical and organizational work, which will ensure reliable power supply to customers in the harshest weather conditions. Other members of the commission — colleagues from FGC UES, representatives of RTN, Regional Transmission Control Centre and other regulatory authorities also highly appreciated the level of preparation of Yarenergo for the winter.

As guests of honour the ceremony of handing over the final document was attended by a member of the Federation Council — Energy Supervisor Victor Rogotsky and Deputy Governor of the Yaroslavl region Natalia Shaposhnikova. They congratulated the power engineers on the successful completion of the preparatory stage and wished reliable trouble-free operation through the autumn and winter period.

«The power industry is the basis to operate through the autumn-winter period. Reliable performance in all spheres of the economy and national economic enterprises of the country depends just on power engineers. Preparing for winter is great work, enormous financial and human costs. This work is worthy of respect, which, in particular, should manifest itself in the form of a rigid payment discipline,» stressed Victor Rogotsky.

Natalia Shaposhnikova, having positively assessed the readiness of the branch of the winter, emphasized that the key for the successful completion of this period is the interaction of energy companies and governments: «In the Government of the region headquarters were established to ensure security of supply. Together with IDGC of Centre we implement integration programs for ownerless networks, unbundling lines and a number of other promising projects.

Preparing for the autumn-winter period primarily included the implementation of a large-scale repair program. During the year, the power engineers of the Yaroslavl branch repaired 18 major supply centres and 327 small substation of the distribution grid, as well as replaced 1,500 km of power lines from 0.4 to 110 kV.

One of the key factors in the successful operation through the autumn-winter period is the condition of ROWs along power lines. The annual plan of the branch includes clearing of 1,500 ha and expansion of 480 ha of ROWs. To date, this work is coming to an end and will be fully completed before the first major snowfall.

In the event of unplanned maintenance of equipment Yarenergo has fully created its emergency reserve, which includes all necessary materials. Staff of the company is also ready for emergency situations —the branch had trainings of operators and mobile crews, worked out the interaction with utilities, territorial authorities and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. To eliminate possible further technological failures, additionally, six special mobile crews are ready and who will be on duty at the branch during adverse weather conditions. Standby power supply sources were also prepared — for the period of restoration of socially significant facilities power can be supplied from 60 diesel generators located in all districts of the region.

«Today Yarenergo covers 90% of the regional market of electricity transmission services. This means that we ensure the reliability of electricity supply in the Yaroslavl region by exactly 90%. Of course, the final evaluation of our work will be given by the cold. At the same time, no matter what surprises will be there with the upcoming winter, we will be fully ready for them,» said Acting Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division director Konstantine Kotikov.

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