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Yarenergo helps make the first steps in the profession


Twelve students of vocational schools in Yaroslavl are taking their practical work at IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division. Having acquainted with the work of a major energy company, the young people will be able not only to better master the practical basics of their chosen profession, but also to prepare the ground for future employment. Those who have performed well in the classroom, the branch will be ready to take on the job.

For students the practice is organized at the service of substations and service of lines, as well as in Distribution Zones of the branch. The practice is of familiarization character: the young people are learning the equipment that is used by power engineers in their work, and get a general idea of the activities of a structural unit of the company. The company’s employees help the young people in a meaningful exploration of theoretical issues, talk about what knowledge and personal qualities a real power engineer has.

Practical training is supervised by experienced staff from relevant departments. They control the degree of development of the material and the implementation of the requirements for practical training of students in their educational institutions. Practical classes began in September and will last until early next year. This will allow the future power engineers to get more fully acquainted with the work of the company, including in the autumn- winter period when the electric grid economy experiences high loads, and increased responsibility lies with the staff. The young people have already their first major achievements: all the trainees have passed the exams and got the second category of electrical safety. It’s not enough to work on the electrical system, but as a first step in the development of the profession may well be considered.

Currently, the energy sector is in particular need of qualified employees just for blue-collar jobs, so, these young people have a better chance of a good employment. In addition, this year IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division has become a place of practical training for 33 students of higher educational institutions. In the future they will be able to apply for the post of engineers and specialists of relevant departments.

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