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Kurskenergo is successfully implementing its investment program in 2013


For eight months of this year the Kursk branch of IDGC of Centre have spent 486 million rubles on the implementation of its annual investment program against 992 million rubles as planned. Thus, the branch has implemented a large part of the envisaged measures.

According to the investment program for 2013 the branch provided 540.7 million rubles for modernization and reconstruction of its facilities, and 435.7 million rubles for new construction.

The largest facilities of the investment program were two substations, located in Gorshechensky district of the Kursk region: Substation 110/35/10 kV «Gorshechnoye» and Substation 35/10 kV «Orlovka». Constructed back in 1965, the SS «Gorshechnoye» had long been in need of a major upgrade. The demand for grid connection of new agro-industrial facilities to it required replacement of transformers and reconstruction of 10 kV bays.

2.5 MVA transformers were replaced with 4 MVA at the substation «Orlovka» as well. The work performed by the Kursk power engineers will allow to satisfy all applications for grid connection and significantly improve the reliability and security of electricity supply to customers, social and industrial facilities of Gorshechensky district.

The Kursk power engineers also performed a major renovation in Pristensky district of the Kursk region. The substation with the same name of 35/10 kV «Pristen» is now equipped with a 6.3 MVA transformer. As a result, the substation is ready to supply electricity to all facilities of the agricultural complex «Pristensky».

In parallel with the reconstruction extensive work on the construction of new facilities is being performed, most of which are designed to provide grid connection of customers. Thus, in Soviet district of the Kursk region by the end of the year an overhead power line of 35 kV will be constructed from the overhead of 35kV Kshen-R. Kolodez to the projected Substation-35/10 KV «Mansurovo», with its length of 1.6 km.

In the regional centre the Kursk power engineers are currently constructing a 200 metre double-circuit section of a 110 kV cable line. It is a tap from the existing 110 kV line «TPP-1 — Forest» № 1, № 2.

«The majority of power facilities in the Kursk region were constructed in the 60-70s of last century. Today they still successfully cope with the task of ensuring reliable electricity supply. But time does not stand still, and investment funds allow us to implement innovative technologies and apply the latest equipment, which ultimately makes the power grid facilities safer and more environmentally friendly,» underlined Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division director Alexander Pilyugin.

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