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The Government of the Yaroslavl region confirmed the high social efficiency of Yarenergo


At the regional stage of the competition «Russian Organization of High Social Efficiency» the Yaroslavl branch of IDGC of Centre was awarded in five categories at once. This victory is the result of the progressive realization of the human resource policy of the company, the development of intra-corporate relations and active participation in the life of the Yaroslavl region.

Yarenergo took the first place in the nomination «For participation in the solution of social problems of territories and development of corporate charity». Organizers noted the adequate assistance that branch provides to orphanages in the Yaroslavl region. The power engineers took the lead in many charity events in Petrovsk, Nekouz, Lyubim, Pereslavl, Rybinsk and the settlement of Semibratovo. Preventive work for electrical safety takes special place in Yarenergo’s activity. The power engineers conduct about 100 classes and lessons on electrical safety a year.

Among other charitable campaigns of Yarenergo is the help to rebuild the Nikolo-Solbinsky monastery near Perslavl-Zalessky and historical events with veterans. In addition, the power engineers are actively engaged in landscaping and beautification and involved in the blood donation and implement projects in the field of healthcare.

The jury of the competition awarded Yarenergo with the first place also for the promotion of healthy lifestyles in the production sector organizations. Recreational activities and numerous sports events have become part of the corporate culture of the branch. These are sports games, summer and winter tourist gatherings, football championships, bike marathons and chess tournaments.

Successful personnel policy of the company was awarded the first place in the nomination «For the creation of jobs» and the second place — «For the development of human potential». To date, Yarenergo employs more than 2 thousand people. The branch implements a comprehensive system of training its employees — following the results of 2012 more than 80% of the staff was trained. High qualification of the personnel is achieved through individual planning of professional growth of each specialist.

A program to attract young professionals from among students of higher educational institutions was developed and is being implemented, who have annually their practice at Yarenergo, and work on the formation and rotation of personnel reserve also takes place. Additionally work on career counseling is conducted among schoolchildren. Much attention is paid to job safety — costs in this area by the end of the reporting period got increased by more than 30%.

Another prize was received by the branch for the development of social partnership. In this nomination the teamwork of the trade union and the employer — Yarenergo received high appreciation. Social policy is implemented through the development of a system of social partnership and constructed in accordance with the Industry Tariff Agreement in the power industry of the Russian Federation, on the basis of which the Collective Agreement of IDGC of Centre is concluded. The Yaroslavl branch pays great attention to the issues of social security and social insurance of its employees, their families and the retired.

«We are pleased that our work has received such a high rating. It is worth noting that in a number of nominations we are taking the prizes for the second year in a row. This is twice as nice. So we’re going in the right direction and will continue to develop our social area,» says Head of Human Resources of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division Lyudmila Rozhdestvenskaya.

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