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A new kindergarten has been connected to Tambovenergo’s networks


In the northern part of the city of Tambov a new kindergarten «Sunflower» has been opened, electricity supply of which was provided in a short time by IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division.

The kindergarten is the first delivered turnkey facility in the infrastructure being built in Cozy neighbourhood. The new educational preschool for 250 children was designed and constructed in such a way that children will have diversification.

The Cozy neighbourhood will meet all the modern architectural and aesthetic requirements governing housing development. Integral development involves the construction of two kindergartens, a school, a children’s hospital, a leisure and shopping centre.

By agreement with the administration of the Tambov region IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division took responsibility for the creation and subsequent maintenance of the electrical system of the neighbourhood. This is the first project to create energy structure, implemented by experts of Tambovenergo in the regional centre. Up to this point in the service area of the branch there were only districts and rural areas of the region.

In general, the investment project of the branch to power supply the Cozy neighbourhood involves the construction of 14 6/0.4 kV package transformer substations, 6 kV cable lines of over 10 km. In total, the connected power for the project under construction will be 12 MW. All facilities of the residential complex «Cozy» will be powered from 110/6 kV substation # 8 of the city of Tambov.

At this stage, Tambov power engineers have constructed more than six kilometres of the 6 kV cable lines, installed four 6/0.4 kV two -transformer substations with a total installed capacity of 6.3 MW.

«It is significant that it was the kindergarten that became the first consumer of Tambovenergo during the implementation of the major investment project for grid connection of a new neighbourhood in the city. It became a kind of contribution of the Tambov power engineers in solving the urgent problem of increasing the number of places in kindergartens of the Tambov region, as well as the implementation of a regional program for the development of the network of preschool institutions. The use of modern technologies and equipment for the construction of transformer substations and power lines is designed to provide the required level of reliability of power supply of residents of Cozy,» underlined Deputy Director for Capital Construction of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division Konstantine Svirin.

For information:
The Cozy neighbourhood is located in the north-west of the city of Tambov between the Moscow and North neighbourhoods, within the boundaries of Agapkina, Michurinskaya, Ryleyev and Free streets. The land area is 39.5 hectares. The planned total area of commissioned housing is 204 thousand square meters. Estimated population of the Cozy neighbourhood is 12 thousand people.

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