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Smolenskenergo is reconstructing the lines that feed the historic centre of Smolensk


In order to ensure reliable operation of the electric grid complex IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division is reconstructing two 110 kV overhead lines (№ 121 and 122) that feed the «Smolensk Ring» substations: «Factory», «South», «Chernushki», «Central», «North», «East», and «West». Most of the consumers of the city are power supplied from these energy facilities.

During the reconstruction of the lines steel multi-sided poles of the type PM-110 were used, which replaced the concrete ones. Multi-sided poles are more reliable and durable than traditional reinforced concrete ones, able to withstand maximum load at buildup of snow and icing. The service life of such a pole is at least 25 years, and moreover the technical inspection of the entire line will be required no more than once a year. The height of steel poles allows to increase spans of power lines. In this case technical specifications of the lines do not deteriorate, and their cost can be reduced by almost 2 times. Steel multi-sided poles have flanged connection to the foundation, are mounted on the site of their components, which is particularly important when working in confined urban spaces of Smolensk.

Instead of end-of-life wire AC grade 120/19 (120 mm cross section of aluminum, 19 — the number of the iron cores), AC grade 185/29 wire will be used for the reconstruction. A larger cross section will increase the capacity of overhead lines, and more steel cores will provide additional reliability against external influences.

The total investment of the Smolensk branch of IDGC of Centre in the reconstruction of the two major transmission lines of the electric grid infrastructure of the city of Smolensk will amount to 60 million rubles.

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