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Yargorelectroset provided power supply to the All-Russian festival-marathon «Songs of Russia-2013»


August 21, events of the All-Russian festival-marathon «Songs of Russia −2013» were held in Yaroslavl. The creator and art director of the project is the People’s Artist of Russia Nadezhda Babkina.

Experts of Yaroslavl city power networks provided electricity connection for holding celebration programs at urban concert venues and the main stage of the festival in the Soviet square of the city. Power engineers of Yargorelectroset performed organizational and technical measures for the design, installation and commissioning of power supply circuits: they laid a 0.4 kV cable line from a transformer substation to the switchgear entry, installed a ground loop, made the necessary measurements of insulation resistance, and tested the equipment.

In addition, during the period of the festival around the clock duty of a first responding mobile crew of the operational and technological service of Yargorelectroset was organized.

«This year’s festival „Songs of Russia — 2013“ is held at the Yaroslavl land rich in history and cultural traditions. Our professionals have traditionally been involved in the preparation of such city events, their task is to provide quality and reliable power supply to electrical facilities and proper operation of electrical equipment for the duration of the festival,» underlined the director of Yaroslavl city power networks Sergey Zorin. «And this time everything went smoothly and without remarks from the organizers. Participation in the city holidays is an important task, because they perform consolidating, educational functions and power engineers are always ready to provide the necessary assistance.»

For information:

Since 2007, the festival-marathon «Songs of Russia» has been established by the charitable foundation «People’s singing culture» and held with the organizational and financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The creator and art director of the festival is the People’s Artist of Russia Nadezhda Babkina. Each year, the venue for the «Song of Russia» is different entities of the Russian Federation. In 2013, the event was held in Yaroslavl. Responding to problems of aesthetic and patriotic education, the festival has become part of the national policy and the President’s agenda for the culture of Russia.

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