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Yarenergo is preparing for the autumn and winter operation period


IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division is continuing its repair campaign. At present, more than half of the work planned for the year in all areas has been performed. Repairs will be completed in October. This will mean that from a technical point of view the power grid facilities of the Yaroslavl region are ready to seasonal peak loads.

Repairs are being performed in all 18 Distribution Zones of the branch. Thus, the annual plan of Rostovsky Distribution Zone includes more than 10 km of overhead lines of 0.4-10 kV and two transformer substations. Much of this work has already been done: 10 kV Conductor № 7 from the substation «Dmitrianovo», 0.4 kV Transformer Substation and Conductor «Tatischev lower» and Package Transformer Substation −100 KVA «Yurievskoye» have been repaired. In addition to the beginning of the autumn-winter period Rostovsky power engineers will clear 44 hectares of ROWs along power lines. This will reduce the risk of emergency situations caused by falling trees on wires, and facilitate the work of the operational staff. Ahead of professionals of Rostovsky Distribution Zone there is repair of 0.4 kV power lines: three feeders in the village of Tekhanovo and two feeders in the village of Ivakino.

The repair at the latter facility is ongoing. For the feeder, which supplies the settlement, 1.8 km of wire and 41 poles are being replaced. The power engineers are installing new reinforced concrete poles and self-supporting insulated wire on them, which is more resistant to seasonal loads, reduces the build-up of snow on the wire, and thus decreases the risk of technological failures. New crossovers are also being installed from the line to all houses.

Another feeder supplies a cattle farm, which is located next to the village. The power engineers will repair it in September. The need for repair at the facility is due to the fact that the line has considerable amount of wear and is no longer corresponds to the load. The total cost of work on both feeders will be around 1 million rubles.

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In 2013, the repair program of Yarenergo will be 160 million rubles. More than 1.5 thousand km of 0.4-110 kV overhead lines, more than 5 km of cable lines, 18 substations of the main grid and 327 small distribution centres will be repaired. The repair of the power facilities is accompanied by a temporary power outage. The schedule of work performance can be found at the website of IDGC of Centre.

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