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Bryanskenergo and the General Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in the Bryansk region continue to work together to prevent children’s electric injuries


Staff of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division in anticipation of the new school year in conjunction with representatives of the General Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in the Bryansk region had «Days of fire and electrical safety» in schools and summer camps, as well as in children’s institutions.

So, the other day events were held in Seltsovskiy boarding school and Karachevsky specialized orphanage.

At the boarding school in the village of Seltso orphans, children left without parental care, children with health disabilities study. Young children, orphans and children with developmental disabilities, who were left without parental care, live and are brought up in the state medical institution «Karachevsky Specialized Children’s Home for children with central nervous system and mental disorders». The pedagogical team actively works on their socialization in the society, so the cooperation with power engineers and EMERCOM allows this work to expand.

Specialists of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division in cooperation with the General Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in the Bryansk region told children about the features of electric current, explained that the electricity is fraught with great danger, but if you handle it right, it will always be a good friend and helper in the home. In order for electricity to be safe, it is important to follow a few simple but essential rules: not to approach power facilities, which has a sign «Caution! Voltage!», not to come close to slack or broken wires, not to climb power line poles. Immediately each of the students took the time to ask questions and learn as much new about the electricity as possible. Guests did not leave any of the children without attention, having answered all their questions.

All the participants received colourful visual aids as a souvenir from Bryansk power engineers — books on the prevention of children’s electric injuries «Energoland», rulers, bookmarks, and calendars.

Leaders of children’s institutions thanked the staff of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division and representatives of the General Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in the Bryansk region for the educational and interesting day and expressed hope for further cooperation in the conduct of such activities.

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