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On the eve of the City Day Belgorodenergo checked outdoor lighting and holiday illumination of the regional centre


IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division has completed the preparation of the grid complex of the regional centre for the City Day and celebrations dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belgorod from fascist invaders. The significant date will be celebrated by Belgorod residents from August 1 to 5.

To ensure reliable supply of electric energy for the celebrations the power engineers performed an unscheduled check of the grid equipment that supplies electricity to concert halls. They inspected automatic transfer switching of standby power supply sources of infrastructure facilities, checked and upgraded outdoor lighting operation and festive illumination, which will become an integral part of the decoration of streets during the celebrations.

Development of design solutions for the art lighting of the regional centre was performed by a creative team, led by specialists of Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Administration of the City of Belgorod. The task of the power engineers was to implement design projects for lighting 30 sites in the city in terms of connecting lighting fixtures and thousands of multi-coloured lamps to electric networks. The embodiment of the creative solutions in life took place in several stages, beginning with the New Year and May Day, ending July 12, when the founding congress of the Union of Cities of Military Glory was held in Belgorod. During the maintenance the illumination has been redesigned both in terms of design and operational approaches and saving budget resources and ensuring the safety of citizens. One of the important features of the project was the fact that all the elements of the lighting are connected to the existing cabinets of the automated street lighting control system and lit simultaneously with the street lighting of the city.

Illumination is a decorative part of the lighting of the regional centre. Most of the load to ensure the safety and comfort of people at night and in the evening hours is born by traditional outdoor lighting lines. Currently Belgorodenergo according to the municipal contract for the provision of outdoor lighting services in Belgorod maintains 32,000 lighting points. For several years there has been working performed to change physically and morally outdated fixtures with new energy efficient ones. Before the City Day just outside the Diorama in Victory Park, about four hundred fixtures were replaced. Reconstruction of the lighting system was performed on renovated First Salute Avenue and its adjoining yard areas of multi-storey buildings. Overall, for the year in Belgorod about 1300 lighting points have already been upgraded.

During the celebrations the outdoor lighting will be operated in accordance with the schedule of festive events. In the evening, August 3 residents of Belgorod will be able to watch the fireworks festival, August 4 — a projection and laser show. August 5 at the Cathedral Square there will be a theatrical show, and then the group «Lube» will perform in front of the townspeople. During the performances the street lighting will work in such a way as to enhance the beauty and expressiveness of the shows.

In addition to the outdoor lighting networks, the employees of Belgorodenergo tested the power supply equipment to the concert venues. Besides, they set electricity supply to retail pavilions at the Cathedral Square and the park named after Lenin, as well as expositions of the II International Forum «Rural Tourism in Russia», Festival «Belgorod settlement» opening in Belgorod on August 3.

During the holidays the power engineers will set first responding crews and crews maintaining the outdoor lighting networks on around the clock duty. Around the clock monitoring of the state of the grid complex will be provided by operators of the operational and technology group of Belgorod Distribution Zone of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division.

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