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Smolenskenergo provides a site for innovative ideas of young scientists


IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division in its work places great emphasis on attracting qualified young professionals, particularly showing the desire for innovative and rationalization activities. The close interaction of the company with FSBEI VPO «National Research University «MPEI» allows to identify, support and further promote such specialists.

Scientific competitions contribute to the development of professional competencies of graduates. One of these competitions for «Best Research Project» was first held in Smolensk under the auspices of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division. In addition to workforce capacity building such activities among specialists and masters of Smolensk Branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute facilitate the identification of scientific ideas and works for the implementation into the system of innovation management of the company.

First place in the nomination «Best Research Project in the field of advanced solutions and measures to improve service delivery systems of grid facilities» took the work of Anastasia Kulachenkova, a former student of Smolensk Branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute, and since recently an engineer of operation and development of metering systems of Smolenskenergo. The Competition Commission highly appreciated the developed jointly with the scientific supervisor Alexander Artemov technique of optimal neutral operation mode in 6-35 kV networks, the test of which will take place already at the site of the branch. «Participation in the competition has allowed me to perform approbation of my master’s thesis and obtain competent evaluation of the work done by experts in the field of power engineering and electrical engineering,» commented Anastasia Kulachenkova. «The competition has provided an opportunity for many graduates to develop their creative potential. The aim of any research and development is ultimately their application in practice, and as a result of the interaction of the educational institution and Smolenskenergo future projects will not go unnoticed and will have a chance for further implementation.»

Another contestant, an engineer of the future development department of Smolenskenergo Olga Motroshilova, also noted the importance of participation in the competition: «I consider myself very lucky to participate in the competition. For me, it was one of the most important projects for this year. The competition allowed to show the maximum research capacity.» She presented a draft analysis of the reliability of power supply system components, and as an example she chose an induction motor. As a result of the research an effective method to determine the reliability of the engine and a mathematical model for determining the insulation deterioration was obtained. This work will be also tested in Smolenskenergo in the future.

Chairman of the Central Tender Committee, Deputy Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of Smolenskenergo Nikolay Kireenko after the awards ceremony stressed: «The implementation of innovations in the energy sector is the most promising activity of the company. Currently, young people have incentives, opportunities, and resources to do research and develop ideas that can and should be implemented in the energy sector. I am sure that such contests will help talented young people implement their ideas in the energy sector for the benefit of its development. In turn, the branch will give them the opportunity to represent the company at scientific and technological competitions and forums organized at the federal level.»

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