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Power engineers of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division quickly restored power supply, interrupted by adverse weather conditions


This past weekend in the Bryansk region there was the strongest storm front, which was accompanied by squally gale-force winds, in some places with hailing. The adverse weather partially interrupted power supply in Vygonichsky, Kletnyansky, Klimovskiy, Pogarsky, Staradubsky, Unechsky and Novozybkovsky districts.

Immediately 26 first responding crews of Distribution Zones, 12 special vehicles, 104 people were brought in to the restoration efforts, who, first of all, restored electricity supply for socially important facilities. The work was being done around the clock. And already by the morning of June 29 as a whole the energy supply was restored, some partial work continued in Unechsky, Vygonichsky and Pogarsky districts. By 14:00 with the efforts of the Bryansk power engineers the electricity supply of the affected areas had been completely restored. At present all the power systems in the Bryansk region are operating steadily, a regular scheme of power supply is in place.

In case of cyclone development and continuation of the adverse weather conditions, the power engineers of the Bryansk branch of IDGC of Centre are taking some preventive measures. The branch has 65 mobile power sources in reserve, 96 first responding and repair crews are in a state of readiness around the clock having 649 persons. In total, if necessary, IDGC of Centre Company can attract 1329 first responding and repair crews numbering 7916 persons, 2045 vehicles, 147 crews of contractors numbering 904 people.

Some special control over the work of power facilities has been established, fire safety measures have been enhanced, and interaction with territorial divisions of EMERCOM and executive authorities, MES of Centre of FGC UES and other local power grid companies has been organized.

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