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Voronezhenergo has taken more than 40 students for practice


This summer more than 40 students of the Energy Department of the International Institute of Computer Technology (MICT) will have their work experience at IDGC of Centre — Voronezhenergo division. The main purpose of the practice is to receive theoretical and practical knowledge on the profile of the main activities of the branch.

Among the interns are students of the second, third and fourth years of power faculty, students majoring in «Electric power systems and grids». The trainees will be sent to the service of substations, service of power lines, service of relay protection, automation, measurement and metrology of Voronezh section, as well as in district Distribution Zones.

As part of the practice the young people will get acquainted with technical documentation, learn about new technologies in the production and operation of modern power equipment. The students will learn the specifics of the power engineering profession, get to know operation modes of electric grid equipment, and the main production cycles. Particular attention will be paid to the knowledge of labour protection and safety. During the period of practical training a mentor — the head of practice will be assigned to each student.

Cooperation between Voronezhenergo and the International Institute of Computer Technology began in 2009. To date, the institute is training about a hundred students whose education was ordered, and half of them are already working in Voronezhenergo and have their extramural training. Also, for students of the Energy Department excursions to the executive office and branch offices are periodically arranged, where the future power engineers get thoroughly acquainted with the nuances of the profession, attend lectures on the history of the development and formation of the energy complex in the region, asking managers and lead staff of Voronezhenergo questions of interest.

According to the HR Head of IDGC of Centre — Voronezhenergo division Evgeny Novikov, the cooperation of the branch with educational institutions, which train for the power industry, has become a necessary step in the formation of personnel reserve of the industry. «Among the students there are many talented and promising young people, so our task is to help them develop their potential, and to employ the best of them,» stressed Evgeny Novikov.

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