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The Grid Control Centre of Tverenergo marks its fifth birthday


The Grid Control Centre was established in 2008 in order to optimize operational and technological management of electricity grids of the company, ensure the smooth operation of networks of 110 kV, and improve the control over the state of electrical equipment. Technical equipment of the Centre includes a video wall, a central receiving and transmitting station, modern communications and telecommunications.

In 2010, the necessary conditions were created the Grid Control Centre for the management of sixteen overhead lines of 110 kV, feeding a number of important facilities — Mednovskaya water intake station, Plant of the 1st of May, downtown of the city of Tver.

Careful work with the staff is a prerequisite for effective functioning of the Grid Control Centre. Tverenergo constantly raises the level of training of the operational staff, so that every employee will be able to work in difficult conditions, to take weighted decisions in emergency situations. Tver power engineers regularly organize competitions of professional skills. Competitions are held for the purpose of testing and evaluating knowledge of operators, their readiness to act in a complex scheme and operation mode, as well as to share best practices of work on the operational management of distribution networks and electrical substation equipment. Competitions allow identifying the biggest «bottlenecks» in the work of operators and objectively assess their knowledge.

In 2012, the reconstruction of the Grid Control Centre completed, which is associated with the organization of two additional workstations of operators. The organization of the additional workstations will allow to transfer operators from remote sites to the Grid Control Centre. In this case, management of the of 35-110 kV grid and substation equipment of 35-110 kV in the Tver region will be performed from a single centre in the city of Tver.

Merging individual sections of Operational and Technological Services in one place will greatly enhance the efficiency of centralized management of Tverenergo’s electricity grid. The reconstruction of the Grid Control Centre has provided new benefits, expressed in the remote control over facilities. Now one can perform routine switching and emergency response directly from the Grid Control Centre without the participation of the operational staff of sections of Operational and Technological Services. Monitoring load of electrical networks in the single centre in the different periods of time allows for scheduled switchings without switching off and with the least inconvenience to consumers.

Today it is the most perfect technically Grid Control Centre in the region. Centralization of the control over the state of power supply to consumers allows to quickly make decisions in case of process failures, thus minimizing the time frames of elimination of emergency situations.

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