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Tambov power engineers told pupils of Karaulsky orphanage about electrical safety


Specialists of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division held a lesson to prevent electrical injuries for inmates of Karaulsky orphanage in Inzhavinsky district of the Tambov region. The lesson was visited by about 50 children from five to 16 years of age, who were presented the main power electrical safety rules in everyday living.

The main activity of the children’s home is the upbringing and education of orphans and children left without parental care and protection of their rights and interests, provision of qualified help in teaching and correcting the existing problems in development. The activities of the children’s home is built on the principles of democracy, humanism, accessibility, free development of the personality, rights and interests of the pupils, autonomy and secular character of education.

The power engineers did their best to engage the multi-age children in the learning process, to explain the importance of the problem and help them understand the need to respect the rules of electrical safety at home and in the street. The children listened to the guests, remembered prohibitive and warning signs and labels, and learned how to behave in an emergency, to get out of range of the step voltage, and together answered questions.

«School holidays for power engineers — some special time, when the risk of accidents at power facilities increases. Visiting lessons with staff of Tambovenergo are held throughout the Tambov region in order to prevent children’s electrical injuries. The main objective of the action — not to threaten, but to draw the attention of children and adolescents to how to be careful with electricity,» stressed the leading specialist of HR department of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division Vyacheslav Engovatov.

Cartoons and special videos, as well as training in first aid to a victim with electric shock on the simulator «Gosha» were of particular interest were the. The children were presented with colourful brochures, which in simple terms set out the basic rules of electrical safety, colourful bookmarks and pocket calendars.

During the year, lessons on electrical safety will be held in many schools of the city and Tambov region. Practice shows that in most cases the cause of injury to both children and adults at power facilities, as well as when using electrical appliances is commonplace ignorance of the rules of conduct. Therefore, the task of power engineers is to prevent the possible danger.

«Many thanks to the professionals of Tambovenergo for the lesson on prevention electrical injuries. Children of orphanages should be better prepared for independent living than their peers who live in ordinary families. Therefore, social skills training should not be limited only to talks and lectures, and to complement them with practical work. It is important to support children left without parental care together. Tambov power engineers have proven their real commitment to help the young people,» stressed at the closing of the master class Director of Karaulsky orphanage named after G. V. Chicherin Viktor Zakharov.

For information:

Karaulsky orphanage named after G. V. Chicherin is located in the village of Karaul in Inzhavinsky district of the Tambov region. A landmark of the village of Karaul is a recreational forest, which has been declared a natural monument. It is here that the estate of the Chicherins was located — one of the oldest noble families in Russia.

Here in November 1872, at the estate of his uncle, Boris Chicherin, the brilliant diplomat, the first People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs of Russia Georgy Chicherin was born. Until 1922 the house was the Chicherin’s Museum. In 1922 an orphanage was opened there. In 1990 the institution moved from the old homestead to a new building.

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