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Tver power engineers of IDGC of Centre pay special attention to children's electrical safety!


Tver power engineers of IDGC of Centre with the support of the newspaper «Arguments and Facts in Tver» launched a project organized to prevent children’s injuries at power facilities.

As part of this project in the Mednovskaya sanatorium-boarding school a lesson on electrical safety was held for all pupils. The power engineers divided pupils into two age categories, each of which had a separate program.

In simple terms the staff of public relations section of Tverenergo with the participation of technical and production control and safety Office of the branch explained the rules of behaviour near power facilities, told what was dangerous about the electric current and demonstrated with illustrative examples the seriousness of the danger of penetration into a substation and other power facilities.

The pupils were willing to take part in the dialogue, asking questions and participated in themed games.

The pupils learned from the lesson on safe handling of electrical appliances and that the electric grid facilities are not an acceptable place to play and manifestation of curiosity, because electricity is not only a source of light, but also high risk. Failure to do so can lead to tragedy!

A master class in helping a victim with electric shock was of particular interest to the pupils, in which the role of the victim was assigned to a training simulator «Gosha». The children had the opportunity to try their hand at first aid, as well as to practice the basic skills to rescue the man.

At the end of the lesson the contest of children's drawings was started, entitled «Good and evil electricity», according to which the pupils should reflect in their drawings the information that they had learned at the lesson. In May, winners will be identified and the pupils of the Mednovskaya sanatorium-boarding school will have a quiz on the reinforcement of knowledge on electrical safety.

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