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An employee of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division became «the best manager on safety» for 2012


The winner of the review-contest for the title of «the best manager on safety» of the past year was the electrician for testing and measurement of diagnostics Service of Bryanskenergo Alexey Novikov. According to the quality card, he scored the biggest points (283).

Bryanskenergo refers to labour protection and safety with the highest degree of responsibility. Evidence of a serious attitude to work is excellent results, which are shown by managers for health and safety of the branch in annual review – contests, organized in IDGC of Centre. So, in 2010, an employee of Bryanskenergo finished second in the review-contest of IDGC of Centre — «the best manager on safety», and in 2011 — an employee of Bryanskenergo entered the top five.

Chief Engineer of Bryanskenergo Alexander Kosarim handed a letter of thanks of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division and presents to the best manager of IDGC of Centre in 2012 Alexey Novikov.

Also letters of thanks of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division and prizes were given to an operator of Operational and Technological Group of Dubrovsky Distribution Zone Valery Maslov and electrician of Pogarsky Distribution Zone Anatoly Ermilov, who at the branch level in the review-contest «the best manager on safety in 2012» took second and third places respectively.

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