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Orel power engineers of IDGC of Centre offer comprehensive assistance in the implementation of grid connection


IDGC of Centre — Orelenergo division is ready to take on the whole range of activities, including the preparation of technical and design documentation, its agreement with third-party organizations, construction and installation work. If necessary, our specialists are ready to perform the construction of power lines, transformer substations, installation and testing of the earthing loop, measurement of insulation resistance of wiring and the installation of metering devices. Also, the applicant has got an opportunity to get the grid connection service as turnkey.

«Often, these works are carried out independently or with attraction of under-qualified specialists,» stresses the head of marketing and additional services of Orelenergo Mikhail Smolyakov. «But electric installation work has many peculiarities, on which the safety of people depends. Craftsmen usually do not know the rules of electric and fire safety or neglect them. Leads-in into house are made through a wooden wall with a cable without protective cover. In such a situation a spark would be enough to fire. Ground loop is also often installed incorrectly. By a common scheme a metal rod is put in the earth, which is considered a grounding device. In fact, it will not be able, if necessary, to effectively ground voltage. In addition, it is important to calculate the load, select protective switching devices, perform surge protection on the network, and many others.

Having ordered a service at IDGC of Centre — Orelenergo division, the customer receives the guaranteed quality work performance, using modern materials and technologies. Experience, an extensive network of production facilities and all necessary equipment enable professionals to perform tasks of any complexity, even in the most remote locations. In this case the customer interacts with only one organization. He will not have to spend time walking the chain of agencies, as well as the preparation and coordination of project documentation. The whole package of documents for opening the customer account is prepared by power engineers.

Upon completion of installation work a series of test measurements is carried out and a package of permits is compiled, confirming the efficiency of the power supply and grounding device. The main purpose of all activities is improving safety.

In order to use the services of IDGC of Centre — Orelenergo division you should apply to the Customer Service Centre or on the site of IDGC of Centre. For more information, please call the “Direct Power Hot Line” at 8800 50 50 115, which is free and works around the clock.

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