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Belgorodenergo’s saving on the energy conservation program is comparable to the annual consumption of a small district


In 2012, IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division under the program of energy conservation and energy efficiency saved about 33 million kWh. This is 6% more than the planned amount and comparable to the annual consumption of a small district of ​​the Belgorod region, for example, Veydelevsky.

Only in 2012 Belgorodenergo delivered 11,05 billion kWh to consumers through its networks, 222 million kWh more than in 2011. Electricity losses totalled 7.52% of the supply to the grid, which is 0.13% lower than last year.

Significant effect in their reduction was due to the implementation of organizational measures. Thus, about 9.5 million kWh were saved as a result of the identification and recovery for not metered electricity, and 6.7 million kWh were recovered for non-contractual consumption.

About 2 million kWh were saved through technical modernization of power facilities — the replacement of wire for self-supporting insulated conductors and wire with bigger cross section, the installation of devices for reactive power compensation, replacement of overloaded transformers for bigger power transformers, and underloaded — for smaller power transformers.

Almost 100 thousand kWh of power consumption for utilities of substations were reduced through installation of energy-saving lamps and infrared heaters. Last year, such devices were installed at 13 feeding centres in the region instead of traditional convector and oil ones. For maximum effect, specialists used them together with temperature regulators, which in the absence of staff keep the temperature in the room at the minimum level, and in the course of the work make climate comfortable. The new energy-efficient equipment was installed in substations with the highest consumption of electricity for utilities, such as the 110 kV «Food industry» and «Krapivenskaya». As at the year end the decrease in the consumption for utilities of these substations was approximately 30%.

Significant saving of 14 million kWh was due to the development of automated electricity metering systems with installation of new smart meters. Despite the fact that the current regulations put the obligation to install or replace meters on consumers, Belgorodenergo annually implements its own program to replace obsolete induction meters of accuracy class 2.5. Many of them now have the expired term of state calibration, significant statistical error or simply faulty. These facts, and in some cases, intentional tampering of metering circuits by consumers to steal electricity and cause a significant proportion of losses. Installation of new smart meters can reduce these negative factors to a minimum.

The branch has also managed to reduce the consumption of fuel and energy resources for utilities. Compared to last year the cost of electricity, heat and cold water decreased by 3.2 million rubles.

In 2013, through the implementation of activities under the program of energy saving and energy efficiency it is planned to reduce electricity losses by 32 million kWh and energy resources for utilities — by 108 tons of conditional fuel.

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