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Bryanskenergo’s investment program for 2013 is 684.5 million rubles


The investment program of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division for 2013 was formed with taking into account the federal regulations and approved by the authorities of the Bryansk region within Bryanskenergo’s investment program for 2012 — 2017. In accordance with the program the branch plans to allocate more than 684.5 million rubles of investments in the current year.

The main objectives of the investment program of Bryanskenergo for 2013 is to ensure the reliability of the Bryansk power grid operation needed for uninterrupted power supply to consumers; removal of grid constraints and creating opportunities to connect an additional load of consumers. As well as the modernization of the electric grid by replacing technologies and equipment in the transmission and distribution of electricity for the most advanced, corresponding to the world standards, and decreasing operating costs. This contributes to a higher quality of power supply, energy efficiency and management improvement, power quality, reduction of environmental impact and electrical losses.

One of the key areas of the investment program is to upgrade the grid facilities with a focus on the implementation of innovative technologies and the use of advanced equipment. The ultimate goal of the modernization – shifting the grid to a new level of technology.

In order to increase efficiency of grid facilities the investment program envisaged the implementation of modern controlled reactive power compensation devices. The installation of these devices can reduce the technical losses of electricity.

To ensure the substation control from remote control centres in accordance with the investment program process control, relay protection and communication systems are being implemented. Extensive work is being performed to improve the observability of the grid. The implementation of systems to improve the observability and controllability of the grid facilities will help reduce operating costs and extend the life of equipment due to more accurate forecast of balances and timely taking of dispatching, technical and management solutions.

In order to change the trend of aging equipment, to improve the reliability of the grid the speed of replacement of worn-out equipment has been increased, which is the main aim of the Program of renovation.

For construction of facilities this year it is planned to spend more than 163 million rubles; for modernization and reconstruction — more than 517 million rubles, 225 million rubles will be spent on the provision of grid connection to the branch’s networks, and 61 million rubles — on the development of electricity metering systems.

The largest under renovation facility this year will be the 110/6 kV «Gorodischenskaya». The reconstruction of the power facility is performed in two stages. Last year the first stage was complete, in 2013 it is planned to complete the second. 139 million rubles will be spent this year on the reconstruction of the substation «Gorodischenskaya». Particular attention this year will be given to the reconstruction of overhead power lines with extension of ROWs. 73 million rubles will be allocated to carry out these activities. Also, considerable work will be performed to implement the target program to improve reliability. 62 million rubles will be spent on it.

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