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Pupils of the Regional Social Rehabilitation Centre for Minors thank Belgorodenergo


The administration and pupils of the Regional Social Rehabilitation Centre for Minors thanked the staff of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division for «providing help and holding celebrations for orphans and children who are in difficult situations».

The Youth Council of the branch has frequently been an initiator of different cooperative games and competitions. In particular, last year the power engineers held for the inmates of the centre several informative and entertaining events and costume parties. Youth leaders believe that taking care of children without parental care and home comfort is always needed.

«We wanted our children to feel our indifference and interest in their fate,» explained the deputy chairman of the Youth Council of the branch Alexander Mishchenko. «Gifts are good, but we would like to please every child, to talk to everyone, to make them believe that in life there is friendship, support, and prospects.»

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