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The power supply in Maloarkhangelsky district of the Orel region to become more reliable


In order to improve the reliability of power supply in rural communities power engineers of IDGC of Centre — Orelenergo division are performing comprehensive work on repair and reconstruction of distribution networks in each of 24 districts of the Orel region. Thus, in Maloarkhangelsky district overhaul of transformer substations and power lines has been completed that feed the settlements of Progress and 1st Ivan.

In the course of the work 90 wooden poles were replaced with reinforced concrete, 540 insulators, and 39 lead-ins into homes were replaced. In addition, self-supporting insulated wire was pulled along the power line instead of worn out. Among its advantages — durability, high strength and safety. Even if the pole gets down on the ground, there will no power interruption, and there will be good insulation to protect others from electric shock.

Special attention while implementing the repair program is paid clearing ROWs along power lines off seedlings and cutting down trees, the fall of which is the most common cause of power interruptions, especially in the stormy period.

The implemented activities have helped meet the growing load, significantly increased the reliability and quality of electricity supply to consumers, created a reserve capacity and technical capability to connect new customers.

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