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Yarenergo develops street lighting of the region


IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division summed up the implementation of the program "reconstruction and development of street lighting in 2012". Its formation involved Yarenergo, Department of Energy and Tariff Regulation of the Government of the Yaroslavl region, as well as heads of municipal and rural settlements of the administration. The implementation was carried out by Yarenergo, in some cases with the assistance of contractors.

In 2012, under the given program 986 lighting fixtures, 350 new poles, and about 77 km of wire of various grades were installed. The equipment used meets all the standards and requirements of energy efficiency. The lighting fixtures use sodium lamps, which, compared to its predecessors - mercury lamps and bulbs, - provide the required level of brightness with less energy consumption. Margin of safety of reinforced concrete poles is higher than wooden. Self-supporting insulated wire (SIW), which was generally used by power engineers, improves the reliability of the equipment during adverse weather conditions.

In addition, the branch installed 85 metering and street lighting control cabinets. With their help, the level of illumination is adjustable on the set schedule, the network is controlled remotely, and energy consumption is metered. The use of the street lighting control cabinets can significantly reduce the cost for local governments to pay for electricity consumed by lighting fixtures.

The most important part of the program last year was the reconstruction of street lighting in Rostov Veliky. In preparation for the celebration of the anniversary of the city Yarenergo installed 140 new poles, 139 lighting fixtures, and more than 6 km of SIW. In addition, the power engineers installed decorative lighting of the historic part of the city and the surrounding area of the gymnasium named after A.L. Kekin. Other infrastructure facilities, the lighting of which Yarenergo completed in 2012, were the square of the Assumption in Uglich, ski runs in the village of Gorushka in Danilovsky district and town of Poshekhonye.

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