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It has become brighter in the Voronezh region


IDGC of Centre — Voronezhenergo division summed up the work on the program for street lighting in 2012. Over the past year, power engineers reconstructed street lighting in 376 settlements.

The task of construction and restoration of street lighting networks in the territories of municipalities of the Voronezh region was set by Governor Alexey Gordeev in July last year. At that time, the region had a lot of settlements, which required restoration of existing street lighting lines before or installation where they were not. Construction and restoration of these networks was planned to perform in several stages.

Initially, a list of settlements, in which street lighting did not meet the standards, was made, a principle of priority installation of lighting fixtures was developed, taking into account the number of residents in a settlement, first-stage lighting of the main streets or some socially important streets.

Within the developed plan specialists of Voronezhenergo replaced outdated lighting systems for contemporary. 2193 lighting fixtures with sodium lamps HPS-70, which, in comparison with the existing light sources, are cost effective, more than 180 km of self-supporting insulated wire as lamp-wire and 467 metering panels with the timer control were installed.

According to the head of street lighting and in-house service department of IDGC of Centre — Voronezhenergo division Arthur Maydenyukov, for 2013 similar work is planned in 63 settlements in 15 districts of the region, with which performance of such work has been agreed upon. «At the moment, together with the regional administration, the first stages of the restoration of the street lighting network in the region are being summed up, and the priority areas of installation of street lighting in the remaining settlements are being defined,» — stressed Arthur Maydenyukov.

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