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Belgorodenergo educates staff


27 students of higher and secondary educational institutions are having their externship and internship at IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division, who ultimately will link their careers with the electric grid company in the region.

The branch has established close and constructive relationship with the Ivanovo State Power Engineering University, Belgorod Industrial College, Valuisky Industrial College, RI "BSU" and BSTU after V.G. Shukhov.

The Power Engineering Institute was created in the structure of the BSTU after V.G. Shukhov in 2005, whose mission is education of qualified experts in the field of electric power. This year nine future electrical engineers are having their externship at the Service of substations, the grid connection Office, Belgorod Electric Networks, Rovensky, Belgorod and Valuisky Distribution Zones, who will soon join the ranks of regional power engineers.

The mutual interest of the university and the power company in the preparation of professional personnel is confirmed by the bilateral Cooperation Agreement. It provides not only for the practical training, the implementation of special programs for the adaptation of young professionals and their training under the guidance of supervisors, but also the participation of highly qualified specialists of Belgorodenergo in meetings with students, evaluation of student projects, conducting lectures and seminars, and participation in the State Certification Commissions (SCC).

The training course of the Power Engineering Institute takes into account the actual needs and features of the region's electric grid. Experts of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division are involved in the assessment of student work, offering a list of directions for innovation activities of the university, which is included in the formation of subjects graduation papers and scientific projects and improving training curricula, provide technical assistance in creating the material base of educational electrical equipment required for students to get practical knowledge and skills.

The organized by the power company on campus training centre is equipped with existing power equipment and is unique educational and laboratory facilities, at which not only future professionals practice, but also production workers. Many students already in the fifth year begin working at Belgorodenergo, meeting the expectations of teachers and the company as a whole.

The branch has also long-term partnership with the Ivanovo State Power Engineering University. This year eight fifth-year students of the university are having their externship in Belgorod Electrical Networks, Belgorod and Valuisky Distribution Zones. Graduates are getting acquainted with the activities of the enterprise, features of their future work and modern electrical engineering devices, applied in Belgorodenergo. According to the results of their practical training they will gather all the necessary information to prepare a diploma.

Beginning of the year - the time not only for undergraduate but also practical training. Five students of the 4th year of the Belgorod Industrial College, majoring in "Technical operation and maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment", by the beginning of April, are to learn the basics of the profession and to get acquainted with the activities of the branch.

In the future, the future specialists in the field of power supply are planning to work at Belgorodenergo.

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