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In preparation for the season of massive repair staff of Belgorodenergo has scheduled training


Technical training is conducted at a system-wide educational and training centre of the branch, as well as centres in Distribution Zones from 19 November last year to 22 April of this year - at the period when staff are less engaged in the implementation of the repair program. In total for the period 1376 people will improve their professional knowledge and skills.

Electricians and engineers serving substations and power lines, equipment of relay protection and automation, as well as operators and staff of mobile crews at the system-wide centre practice all the necessary skills, from routine switching, permit to work at power facilities and ending with the reconstruction and repair of individual elements of power equipment. They work out technical and organizational measures to ensure the safety of industrial activity, sequence of actions in case of an accident and provision of the first aid to the victim.

No less extensive training plan from the experts who ensure the operation and development of electric energy metering systems, the identification of facts of unmetered consumption, working with customers in terms of acceptance and implementation of applications, promoting energy efficiency programs, etc.

Upon completion of the training, each employee is tested for knowledge. Senior masters, masters and engineers, who have passed their technical training, necessarily share their knowledge with electricians and electrical fitters. This allows them to raise the general level of knowledge and vocational preparation on the eve of the season of massive renovations.

The system-wide centre, where most of the employees have their technical training, is equipped both with modern electrical engineering devices, and equipment commonly used in the 70-80's of the last century. It recreates the power system model of a typical settlement, from the up-to-date equipment there are installed reclosers, boosters, all types of transformer substations, circuit breakers, overhead and cable lines and outdoor lighting lines, as well as two high-voltage substations: SS 110/35 kV and SS 35/10 kV.

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