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Bryanskenergo exceeded the annual plan for clearing and expansion of ROWs along conductors


IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division pays special attention to clearing and expansion of ROWs along overhead power lines (conductors) off trees and shrubs.

The ROW clearing plan for 2012 in the amount of 707.1 hectares was exceeded. The branch’s employees and contractors cleared 735.38 hectares off tree and shrub seedlings. Bryanskenergo also exceeded the plan in 2012 to expand ROWS along conductors. The annual plan was 479.6 hectares. The expansion was made in the volume of 503.16 hectares, of which 23.26 hectares were done at a faster pace of expansion from the planned amount for 2013.

When expanding ROWs staff of Bryanskenergo and contractors use wheeled and crawler tractors for hauling wood, and also special arrangements that shred forest residues.

The clearing of ROWs is done to maintain the state of fire safety on the ROWs along conductors, the safe operation of power lines, for unhindered access of staff to ROWs along overhead power lines during operation and emergency response. The main purpose of the work to expand ROWs is to increase the reliability of overhead lines by bringing ROWs to the normative width to prevent broken wires of overhead lines because of falling trees on them due to adverse weather conditions such as heavy snow and wind storm.

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