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Value-added services of Smolenskenergo are in demand by consumers of the region


IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division continues to increase revenue from the sale of value-added services. For 2012 it was 240.4 million rubles. The branch signed 8734 contracts for the provision of value-added services.

To date Smolenskenergo provides its customers with the installation of meters, operation and maintenance of electrical networks of 110-0.4 kV, street lighting networks, external power supply networks, services to remove land use restrictions (removal of networks and substations), testing and diagnostics of high voltage equipment, electrical protection devices, thermal control performance, and others.

A promising direction in the development of value-added services is still the replacement and installation of meters. During the reporting period in this area 7640 contracts were concluded worth 7.9 million rubles.

Contracts for the maintenance and repair of street lighting networks were also concluded. For the services 338 requests were received based on the existing contracts. Currently IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division maintains about 31 thousand lighting fixtures in the regional centre and about 12,500 in other municipalities of the Smolensk region.

Stable demand for operational and technical management and maintenance of power grids, testing and diagnostics of high equipment, electrical protection devices, and removal of networks from development sites is registered.

A special service is also in demand for customers who are interested in connecting to the grid of IDGC of Centre, — “Execution of work within the competence of the customer in the grid connection performance”, which is provided by the branch. Smolenskenergo at the discretion of the consumer performs a whole list of activities required for the customer in accordance with federal laws, and offers services in support of the grid connection, including preparation of design documentation on the consumer side, help in harmonization with third-party organizations, construction and installation work performance to implement technical conditions on the consumer side, preparation and approval of the technical file for the act of admission of an electric installation for operation in Rostekhnadzor, preparation and support of the technical file for the energy supply contract with the retail organization, and issuance of duplicates of technical documentation for the grid connection.

“For four years already IDGC of Centre has provided customers with a range of value-added services. Our company aims to satisfy customer demand and exceed the expectations of consumers. The provision of the value-added services on the one hand helps the company to obtain additional funding to modernize its electric grid facilities, on the other — allows consumers to get professional help in resolving problems with quality of power supply,”- underlined the head of marketing and value added services of the branch Roman Kostyuchenkov.

On all matters related to the provision of value-added services, please, call the Direct Power Hot Line of IDGC of Centre at 8 800 50 50 115 (toll free).

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