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Chief Engineer of Yarenergo received a state award


Deputy Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division Vladimir Grigoriev awarded the title “Honoured Power Engineer of the Russian Federation”. The industry’s main award was presented to him by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak.

Vladimir Grigoriev has been working at Yarenergo since 1976. Most of this time he served Rybinsky Distribution Zone: worked as a master of the power lines service, led the substations service, was Chief Engineer of the entire production department. With his direct participation the development of the energy distribution system of Rybinsk and neighbouring districts of the region took place — facilities were constructed, power lines were laid, new equipment and technologies were implemented.

Over the years he and his colleagues were engaged in the construction of power lines of 35-110 kV, the upgrading of equipment in electrical substations, under his leadership the reconstruction of the substation “South” and a number of other projects were performed. Thanks to him the “Program to improve reliability of networks” and new technologies were implemented: the chopper of shoots for ROWs along conductors Valtra was put in commercial operation, and to improve the quality of electricity — voltage boosters were installed — devices that are used to boost, stabilize voltage and increase the capacity of 0.4 kV networks.

Vladimir Grigoriev had to use his years of experience and professional knowledge in extreme situations as well. He participated in the liquidation of consequences of the “freezing rains”, which had interrupted power supply in the Moscow region in 2010, repeatedly travelled to the elimination of technological failures of any scale. In 2011, a group of power engineers of Yarenergo assisted in the elimination of consequences of a disaster with his colleagues from Tverenergo, in 2012 — with his colleagues from Pskovenergo.

What to become, Vladimir Grigoriev already determined in his childhood. With his parents, he lived near the Rybinsk hydroelectric plant — a grandiose construction of power engineers, which seized the child’s mind. Vladimir’s mother worked at the construction of the power line Rybinsk-Poshekhonye, among his neighbours and friends there were a lot of people of this profession. Today, he does not regret his choice, and this award is yet another confirmation of the correctness of his path. Vladimir’s sons went on their father’s footsteps as well, who also hold senior positions in other companies of the industry.

“The success in the energy — it is not a merit of a single person, but everyone who helps him in his work. I am happy that I was lucky to work with great people, professionals who have dedicated their lives for the good of the people. With our joint efforts we make the power system more reliable,”- says the honoured power engineer.

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In 2012, along with Vladimir Grigoriev the title “Honoured Power Engineer of the Russian Federation” was given to other two employees of the Yaroslavl branch of IDGC of Centre. This is a leading engineer of Rostovsky section of relay protection and automation Konstantin Grachev and a leading specialist of logistics and procurement Office Anatoly Bochkarev.

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