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Veterans’ Council of Smolenskenergo summed up its work in 2012 and outlined plans for the future


Veterans’ Council of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division summed up the activity for the past year. The work of the Veterans’ Council of Smolenskenergo last year following the results of the reporting meeting was recognized satisfactory.

The composition of the Veterans’ Council, approved in early 2011, included 25 people. Victor Frolov was elected as Chairman of the Council, Deputy Chairman — Nikolay Laskov, and Secretary — Valentina Kozhevnikova. For the second year, the Council will work in the same composition.

Veterans’ participation in the life of the branch is very noticeable. They organize professional orientation lectures and discussions with schoolchildren, telling them about the power engineering profession and their work at the energy company. Veterans of the energy industry are present in the competition of professional skills in the branch, as well as during monthly days of health and safety.

For two consecutive years, the Council’s members have been directly involved in the charitable campaign “IDGC Holding” — “Relay of the Victory Banner” and the action “Save the energy of the forest”.

For the second year veterans with the HR department of the branch have been collecting information about dynasties of Smolensk power engineers for three generations. During 2012, five new dynasties appeared at the stand in the executive office of Smolenskenergo.

Active engagement of the Council with the primary trade union organization of IDGC of Centre, with the Youth Council and the leadership of the branch has continued.

Veterans also communicate with other councils, attend events of the club “Veteran” in Industrial district of the city of Smolensk.

In September veterans also visited the opening of the restored monument to the Heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812 near the settlement of Krasny in the Smolensk region. During the celebrations, flowers were laid at the monument, as well as a military-historical reenactment of an episode of Krasny battles of the Patriotic War in 1812 was organized. Each year, representatives of the Council are regular participants of meetings at memorials of the Smolensk region in May and September.

Great job has been also planned for 2013. Veterans as the tradition will hold monthly meetings of its Council, attend Distribution Zones and meet with colleagues to study and solve problems. This year the Veterans’ Council will take an active part in the events in connection with the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Smolensk from the Nazi invaders, will visit the city of glory and homeland of Soviet Guards of Elnya and Rudnya, where the Nazis first experienced the fire of the legendary “Katyusha”. In September, there are plans to participate in the commemoration of the 1150th anniversary of the city of Smolensk. For the Power Engineers’ Day veterans plans to update the photo stand “Dynasties of Power Engineers of Smolenskenergo” with new names, and to publish creative works of their colleagues about the stages of development of the power system.

Caring for the older generation is an integral part of the branch’s activity. The management of the branch organize traditional thematic meetings for veterans, dedicated to the Victory Day and the Power Engineers’ Day, as well as provide material support to former employees of the electric distribution complex of the region.

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