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Lipetsky Destitution Zone demonstrated exemplary fireproof condition


In the annual review-contest for the best firefighting condition among 18 Distribution Zones following the results of 2012 the winner is Lipetsky Destitution Zone of IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division. Its result — 1558 of 1690 points maximum possible. For winning the contest Lipetsky Distribution Zone was given the title “Distribution Zone of exemplary fireproof condition for 2012”. The top three winners also included Lebedyansky and Yeletsky Distribution Zones, which finished 2nd and 3rd places.

The winners were recognized for quality performance of measures aimed at improving fire safety and training of staff in fire safety.

At present, all subdivisions of the branch are equipped with automatic fire detection (fire alarm) systems, the primary means of firefighting, fire safety signs; fire water supply is maintained in working condition within the planned funds. Responsible personnel have been properly trained: 22 specialists, including managers — at a training centre, 750 — on the workplace under firefighting technical minimum. For operating and maintenance personnel of Lipetskenergo some special training, coaching and workshops were organized to test the skills of fighting fires. In addition, there were 18 joint fire trainings with responsible structures of the executive power authorities and the territorial divisions of EMERCOM, in which an interaction was simulated to implement fire safety measures in case of emergency.

The review-contest is held in IDGC of Centre to improve the level of fire safety of its facilities and improve the quality of fire prevention. According to the results of the review-contest the committee, chaired by Deputy Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of Lipetskenergo Alexander Kornilov, noted that the maintenance of buildings and structures in the fireproof system at the branch meets the requirements set.

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