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Smolenskenergo summed up the cooperation with the branch of the "National Research University "MEI" in Smolensk in 2012


Fruitful cooperation of Smolenskenergo with the branch of the “National Research University “MEI” in Smolensk has been going for many years, because the institute is one of the basic institutions for training, not only for the Smolensk branch, but for IDGC of Centre as a whole.

Interested in managers and specialists with a high level of training, IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division interacts with the Institute for training, retraining and advanced training, invites students to practice, conducts systematic work to attract the most deserving, talented and ambitious graduates into ranks of employees, replenishes its talent pool with alumni.

In 2012, 110 employees of Smolenskenergo enhanced their skills on the site of “NIU MEI” in Smolensk, seven graduated and 16 continue to be trained in vocational training under the curriculum “Electric Power Systems and Networks” at the training centres “Energetik” and “Expertenergo”. One employee was retrained under the curriculum “Financial Management” at the centre for training and retraining “Economy plus”.

IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division, in turn, regularly organizes industrial practice for students of the higher education institution, during which future power engineers get acquainted with the main activities of Smolenskenergo, prospects of development, social security, power equipment, and safety rules. Such practices are generally held on the site of different Distribution Zones and also in the Office of grid connections, Office of distribution networks, IT Office and other subdivisions of the branch. Heads of industrial and pregraduation practice are appointed among leading experts and leaders of relevant departments. So, in 2012, 45 students of the institute underwent their various types of industrial practice at IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division. During the year tours, open doors days, round tables and professional orientation seminars were also held for the future power engineers.

For years, the branch has been holding meetings with the management of the energy company, representatives of the branch of the federal government budget educational institution of higher education “National Research University “MEI” in Smolensk (“NRU MEI” in Smolensk) and students — children of employees of the branch. During the event professors teach them the rules of enrollment to the university, talk about field-specific specialties for which students are trained (currently these are “Electric Power Systems and Networks”, “Power Supply”, “Electrical Engineering” and “Electric drive and automation of industrial installations and technological complexes ”) and the documents required for enrollment. As a result of these meetings, some children of employees decided to enroll at the higher education institution and study successfully there.

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