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Power engineers of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division were awarded on the day of their professional holiday


In their professional holiday — Power Engineers’ Day — the best employees of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division received awards and honorary titles. Employees of the Smolensk power system were congratulated by the Smolensk region administration officials, Smolensk Regional Duma, the municipal government of the hero city of Smolensk, the Public Chamber of the Smolensk region, and colleagues from the RTN Office in the Smolensk region.

The Smolensk power engineers were also congratulated by CIO — Head of Information Technology Department of IDGC of Centre Andrey Dudin. At the ceremonies to mark the professional holiday, he handed awards to the best employees of the branch, thanked them for their many years of work, professionalism and business acumen.

Head of Information Technology Office Andrey Zerov, Leading Counsel of Legal Office Support Elena Kryuchkova, machinist of a lift truck and a hydraulic lift of mechanization and transport Service Alexander Lazarev and Operator of Pochinkovsky Distribution Zone Lyudmila Bazyleva were awarded with certificate of merit of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Letters of thanks of the Smolensk region Governor were received by six employees of the branch, and other 6 colleagues were awarded diplomas of the Smolensk Regional Duma.

Letters of thanks from the City Mayor were awarded to Marina Gashina — Engineer of Information Technology, Nadezhda Trusova — Leading Specialist of HR Office and Irina Shubochkina — Economist of Finance Section. Certificate of Merit of the administration of the city of Smolensk was awarded to Driver of mechanization and transport Service Viktor Aleshin, Electrician for operating distribution networks of Smolensk City Distribution Zone Vladimir Sidorenko, and Engineer of power lines Service Anna Gurikova.

Awards of the Smolensk region Department on energy, energy efficiency and tariff policy were given to Engineer of outdoor lighting and in-house service Elena Arsenenkova — she was presented with a Certificate of merit and Operator of Smolensk Distribution Zone Valentina Sklyutova — a Letter of thanks. Diplomas of merit of the Smolensk region Department on energy, energy efficiency and tariff policy marked the top two subdivisions of the branch — Electricity Metering Office and Ershichsky Distribution Zone.

Certificate of Merit of electricity industry employers was awarded to Head of social relationship Section of HR Office Victor Stelmakh.

Corporate awards were also given. Letters of thanks of IDGC Holding were awarded to 5 people. The Silver Badge of Honour of IDGC of Centre was awarded to Master of a crew for operating distribution networks of Krasninsky Distribution Zone Alexey Gerasimov. Four employees of the branch were awarded the honorary title “Veteran of IDGC of Centre” — Engineer for operation of automated supervisory systems Section of operation of supervisory control and technology management and information technology Service of Information Technology Office Victor Artemenkov, Operator of Southern section of operation and technology Service of the Grid Control Centre Alexey Bilyutin, Crane Operator of the 6th category of Southern section of mechanization and transport of mechanization and transport Service of procurement and logistics Office Nikolay Zhukov and Head of Administration Office Lyudmila Skotnikova.

Leading Economist of Business Planning of Economics Office Galina Pavlyuchenkova had a Letter Gratitude of IDGC of Centre.

Honorary titles of IDGC of Centre were awarded: “Best Manager” — to Head of electricity metering Office Oleg Bonadysev, “Best Specialist” — Engineer of analysis and management of production Office Alexey Diveykin, “Best in Profession” — Electrician for repair of overhead power lines Alexander Grashchenkov.

High measure of encouragement and recognition of merits to the company is listing on the honours board of IDGC Holding of Chief of Ugransky Distribution Zone Elena Kadykova, listing on the honour board of IDGC of Centre Deputy Chief of operations of the Grid Control Centre Lyudmila Solodovnikova. Twelve new names appeared on the Honours Board of Smolenskenergo.

A large number of employees are awarded diplomas and gratitude of the branch. All the awards show professionalism and dedication to the profession, making a worthy contribution to the power system of the Smolensk region.

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