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Belgorodenergo — the winner and the prize winner of three social contests


IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division was the winner and the prize winner of three contests at once, organized by the City of Belgorod together with the Belgorod Regional trade union association. Certificates for first, second and third places were given by the head of the youth policy of the administration of the city of Belgorod Evgeny Ershov to Chairman of the Youth Council of the branch.

The branch won the first prize in the contest “The best organization of the social support of young employees and their family members”, second — in the contest for the best organization of the development of the mentoring system in the enterprise, and third — for the best organization of health preservation of employees in the enterprise.

All three contests had one common goal — the creation of decent working conditions in the enterprises of the regional centre, providing conditions for the development and strengthening of skilled and technically educated young employees in the profession.

Belgorodenergo presented for the contests materials describing the living and working conditions in the workplace, the level of protection of the personnel, payroll, statistics for retraining, education, training and seminars, as well as measures of social support for young employees. For each area the branch was highly appreciated by the organizers.

“Belgorodenergo has both material and non-material incentives for employees — stressed at the contest summing up ceremony Chairman of the Youth Council of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division Vladislav Stotsky. — Along with decent wages young professionals are provide with a wide range of social security, he or she can take advantage of the compensation program to rent housing and voluntary health insurance, and also has opportunities for professional retraining, career growth and professional development. It is also important that the branch practices public recognition of merits and accomplishments of employees, which encourages achieving the highest results.”

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