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Voronezh power engineers of IDGC of Centre won the billiards competition


Once again, specialists of IDGC of Centre — Voronezhenergo division won the gold medal of the team championship in billiards among energy companies in Voronezh.

Billiards players from the executive office of IDGC of Centre — Voronezhenergo division, Voronezh and Liskinsky Distribution Zones of IDGC of Centre — Voronezhenergo division, OJSC “Heat Networks”, OJSC “Voronezh Power Retail Company” and OJSC “Voronezhenergoremont” participated in the championship, organized by the Voronezh regional organization “All-Russian Electric Trade Union”.

The competitions were held according to the Olympic system.

In the end prizes were distributed as follows: 1st place — IDGC of Centre — Voronezhenergo division, 2nd place was taken by the billiard players of OJSC “Heat Networks”, 3rd place was won by the specialists of OJSC “Voronezhenergoremont”.

According to Leading specialist of the property and consolidation of electric grid assets Office of IDGC of Centre — Voronezhenergo division Yury Poznakhirin, the game level of the participants in the championship was so high that it was impossible to immediately determine the favorites. “Intrigue, which of the participating teams will be the winner, remained until the end of the competition. Everything was decided in the last moment, but we can say that the victory of the team of Voronezhenergo was natural, as its players had become leaders of all last championships.”

The billiards winners were awarded cups and prizes from the Voronezh regional trade union committee.

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