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Winners of the regional contest for the best lesson on electrical safety were awarded in Belgorodenergo


There was an awarding ceremony of the winners of the regional contest “The best lesson on electrical safety”, which lasted from March 1 to December 10, 2012. The contest was organized by IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division with the Department of Education of the region and supported by the Belgorod Regional Institute of skill development and professional retraining of specialists.

The award ceremony was attended by Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division director Roman Tkachenko, Deputy Director of the Centre of Pedagogy of Health OGAOU DPO of the Belgorod Regional Institute of skill development and professional retraining of specialists Albert Nikiforov, and school teachers of the region.

The purpose of the contest — to draw public attention to the problem of children’s electrical injuries and features of teaching on the subject “electrical safety” at school, to prevent accidents at power facilities and form the culture of children’s safe handling of electricity.

This year 89 teachers out of 44 secondary and 25 preschool educational institutions participated in the creative contest. 25 teachers became winners and prize winners in six categories. This is more than twice the level of participation of last year and says about the increased interest in the contest from the teachers.

Please, be reminded that the contest “The best lesson on electrical safety” has been already held for three years, starting from 2010. For this period about two hundred teachers have already become its participants, who have gained a wide experience in teaching lessons on electrical safety. The entire teaching material has been accumulated in the form of a special methodological guide — a collection of the best lessons on electrical safety. Today it is the only textbook on “Children’s electrical safety”, which should assist teachers in planning and conducting such lessons.

In determining the prize winners the use of non-traditional forms conducting lessons by the teachers, the application of quality educational material, multimedia, teaching aids, teaching and handout materials was taken into account.

In the end, the winner in the nomination “The best lesson on electrical safety at preschool” became Irina R. Gavrilutsa, a senior teacher of the kindergarten “Children’s Development Centre — kindergarten # 2” from the town of Valuiki. In the nomination “Best lesson on electrical safety in primary school” the best was Vera P. Golovina, a primary school teacher of MOU “Setischenskaya middle school” in Krasnensky district. The best lesson on electrical safety in middle and high school was the lesson of Liliya V. Stotskaya and Pavel I. Litovkin, teachers of “Cossack School” in Krasnogvardeisky district. The best lesson on electrical safety in the teaching of the life safety subject was the lesson prepared by Roman A. Kurchiny, a teacher and organizer of Life Safety at “School # 12 in-depth study of specific subjects” from Gubkin. In the nomination “The best event on electrical safety after hours in primary school” the best was Svetlana V. Androsova, a primary school teacher of MOU “Komsomolskaya School” in Belgorod district. In the nomination “The best event on electrical safety after hours in middle and high school” the winner was Oleg Y. Likhomanov, a teacher and organizer of Life Safety at “Volokonovsky School # 2 after Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General I.S. Lazarenko”.

“Cossack Secondary School” in Krasnogvardeisky district received a letter of thanks from the Department of Education of the region and IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division for its active participation, the teachers of which annually participate and win in the contest.

All the teachers, who prepared and conducted the lessons on electrical safety within the contest, received a special certificate of participation.

However, specialists of Belgorodenergo believe that preventive work with children and adolescents should not be limited to the contest. The power engineers set the task to unite the efforts of regional agencies and the public in the struggle for the life and health of children. To prevent a deadly threat posed by the lack of knowledge of the rules of electrical safety, and to eliminate possible tragic consequences, children need to be regularly talked about the risks they face. And one cannot do without teachers, educators and parents. The result of the work this year was holding over 700 lessons on electrical safety in the schools of the region and guarding against electrical injuries at power facilities of the company.

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